Opportunities through the Optical Lab

SCI Cambridge Springs features the Pennsylvania Correctional Industries Optical Lab, a one-of-a-kind program that produces all the eyeglasses in the DOC and for some community partners.

In this month’s episode of the podcast, Optical Lab Supervisor Tony Rentz visits to share about his shop, including the certifications and skills his workers earn and the success many of his former workers find in reentry.

For more on the lab, check out this video from 2022: https://www.facebook.com/CorrectionsPA/videos/392083205998340

Second-Chance Hiring: A Win-Win for Everyone

As businesses across Pennsylvania struggle to find qualified employees, DOC Workforce Development Specialist Dorenda Hamarlund offers them a solution: hire reentrants. In this episode of our podcast, Hamarlund discusses her role and how she educates employers on the many benefits of second-chance hiring.

Visit our Workforce Development page for more information.

Serving Those Who Served: How the DOC Supports Veterans

DOC Statewide Veterans Coordinator Michael Carrington joins the podcast for a discussion all about veterans in the DOC — including those who work and those who live in our facilities. Michael discusses his role in the agency, how the DOC supports its employee veterans, the many benefits of a Veterans Service Unit and the impact of community partners, including the PA Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.

Vocational Spotlight: SCI Mercer’s Automotive Program

William Bush is the Automotive Technology Mechanical and State Inspection Instructor at SCI Mercer, where he teaches his students everything they need to know to earn a state inspection license — and so much more. In this month’s episode of the PA Prisons and Parole Podcast, Bush discusses the various skills his students learn, what opportunities are available to them and why employers should give his graduates a chance. He also shares about how whether they’re experienced with cars or have never held a wrench, everyone can succeed in his class if they work at it.