SCI Phoenix and the Pandemic: How The Facility Fought the First Wave

Nestled in the heart of Montgomery County, SCI Phoenix was situated in the heart of the COVID-19 outbreak in Pennsylvania. Yet despite staff living in and travelling from some of the hardest hit areas, Phoenix was able to keep its positive cases among staff and inmates low, especially considering its location. In this episode of Lockup Lowdown, Phoenix leaders explain how they prepared and how they reacted to the pandemic and how they tried to keep everyone who lives and works inside safe.

How Huntingdon Handled an Outbreak

Despite preparation and planning, COVID-19 was still able to get inside SCI Huntingdon and spread during an outbreak in May. However thanks to the creativity and adaptability of its staff, Huntingdon was able to contain the virus and keep it from being so much worse.

In this episode, SCI Huntingdon leaders reflect on the outbreak and what the staff did to mitigate it and how everyone, including the inmates, stepped up to slow the spread and save lives.

Back in Session: Checking in with Education

DOC Education Director Terri Fazio joins the podcast to give an update on what’s new in the education realm inside Pennsylvania’s prisons. Terri shares stats about how inmates fared in 2019 in their educational and vocational studies, and she provides a look ahead at some of the exciting things to come this year.

Veterans Helping Veterans… Inside the Fence

A popular veterans program founded at Hampton VA Medical Center in Virginia has found its way to Pennsylvania—and in an unlikely setting. Veteran “X” has many roles, including educational and therapeutic, but at its core it is about veterans helping each other in a group setting. The program has existed since 2009, and last year it opened its first chapter inside a prison at SCI Huntingdon. Christopher Banks, Huntingdon corrections counselor 2, joins the podcast and discusses the program, how it works and how it’s helping incarcerated vets at Huntingdon.