Veterans Helping Veterans… Inside the Fence

A popular veterans program founded at Hampton VA Medical Center in Virginia has found its way to Pennsylvania—and in an unlikely setting. Veteran “X” has many roles, including educational and therapeutic, but at its core it is about veterans helping each other in a group setting. The program has existed since 2009, and last year it opened its first chapter inside a prison at SCI Huntingdon. Christopher Banks, Huntingdon corrections counselor 2, joins the podcast and discusses the program, how it works and how it’s helping incarcerated vets at Huntingdon.

Aging in Pennsylvania Prisons

As the elderly population in America eclipses younger generations, programs and services for senior citizens are more important than ever—and it’s no different inside our prisons. William Penn Fellow Ebony Johnson is a gerontologist who works directly with aging inmates to learn about their wellness needs. Ebony has interviewed elderly inmates in DOC facilities and is creating programs to help this growing yet under-served slice of the American population. Learn more about Ebony’s work and plans for the duration of her fellowship in this episode of Lockup Lowdown!

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